Things to know about FIFA World Cup

FIFAworld cup is back with the bang! People at Brazil must be celebrating each day like a festival. Well, talking about FIFA world cup, or simply World Cup, it is started way back in 1872 in Glasgow. The first match played was a draw between England and Scotland. World Cup became popular in other parts of the world as well.

FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) is a body which organises all the football events across the globe. World Cup is the most notable ones. FIFA was founded in the year 1904 with the aim to organise football events. The first was organised in Switzerland in 1906 was a failure though.

Betting on the event online have become a much common thing to do among soccer fans. Some of the betting sites are very easy to use and give all the details a soccer fan needs in order to bet.

The current World Cup tournament format includes 32 teams contesting with each other to win the precious World Cup Trophy. Of 19 World Cup events, Brazil have been the winner for five times, Italy for four times, West Germany won three times, Uruguay and Argentina won two times each and Spain, France and England, each has won the title once.

There are many FIFA world cup awards which are given to players and teams which have accomplished something outstanding. Famous of them is the Golden Ball and the Golden Boot. Golden Ball award is given to a person who is the best player of the tournament. This is decided by the media juries. The second and third position gets Silver and Bronze ball respectively. The Golden Boot award is given to the player who has scored maximum number of goals. Recently Silver boot and Bronze boot has also been added into the list for the players who came second and third respectively.

There are other awards like the Golden Glove Award – given to the best goalkeeper, the Best Young Player award- given to a player who is 21 years of age or lesser, the Most entertaining team award – for the most entertaining team in the whole tournament. The general public decides the winner of the most entertaining team. There is one more award which is decided by the criteria and point system of the FIFA’s fair committee. The FIFA Fair Play Trophy –to the team which has a “fair play” record.

The qualifying process was started after World War II in 1934. In this process, teams have to qualify to get selected in the final 32. These qualifier rounds are organised at six FIFA zones – Asia, Africa, South America, Europe, Oceania, North and Central America and Caribbean. The qualification formats differ between these confederations. The process can start as early as three years before the world cup. The confederations decide on the number of places which can be awarded to the teams depending upon the number of teams participating in that particular zone.

After the qualifying process, a list of top 32 teams are made. These teams then compete with each other. There are two stages – group stage and knockout stage. The first stage is the group stage in which the teams are divided according to their rankings. These 32 teams are divided in eight groups with four teams in each group. Each team plays with the other team in a group. Hence a total of six matches are played for a single group. After this, the top two teams proceeds to the next stage which is the knockout stage. In Knock-out stage, only one match is played and the teams are eliminated. In this stage, the winner of one group plays with the runner-up of another group. After this stage, the qualified teams proceeds to quarter-final, the semi-finals, the third place match and then finals. The one winning the finals gets the cup!!

Status of Online Poker and Casinos in Singapore

Singapore gambling is luxurious and enormous. If you get the opportunity to tour casinos in the sovereign city-state, you will see an influx of locals and foreign tourists alike. Singaporean gamblers are also fascinated by Internet gambling. There are multiple online gambling sites which are secure and offer fat bonuses.  

Singapore is acknowledged as one of the leading traditional gambling casino markets with roughly $6 billion in yearly gaming revenue. It has also become famous as a web-based gambling hub. Online poker has climbed to immense popularity. However, the government is contemplating on prohibiting all types of distant gambling which includes Internet games like poker. The cyclical play encourages addictive behavior, according to government authorities. The veto is expected to come in the form of outlawing gambling websites or even preventing local casino operators from operating these games 

What is the status of online poker in this island-country? Online gambling has been regulated through the Betting Act and Common Gaming House Act. Betting has been confined (officially) to the Singapore Turf Club and Singapore Pools. Technically, online poker is illegal. The irony is almost all online poker and betting sites are found in places outside the Republic of Singapore. No legal charges have ever been filed against Singaporean nationals for illegal online poker. In other words, it seems legal to play on poker sites outside the country. The law on online poker remains vague and confusing. 

Right now, the excitement continues and Singapore online pokers enjoy and bet on different poker games such as 888 POKER. Most gambling aficionados love this game because players are given a welcome bonus of 100 percent values or a maximum of $400. You can take part in online tournaments without paying any fees. You also become a member of the online poker community. This site is said to be the best in Singapore Online Poker gaming. 

Meanwhile, many people will wonder about the future of online poker especially with the absence of legal transparency in the country. Perhaps, this could mean that the lack of definitive laws imply that the face of Internet poker can evolve and change considerably in the future. Meanwhile, the game continues to thrive. Online poker players are becoming more popular and earn lots of money from this form of gaming. Take the case of Bryan Huang who is described as one of the hardiest players in the circuit. He is also among the highest-earning Singaporean nationals in recent years. Huang has been playing online poker for the past seven years. He has earned a big name in Asia, Las Vegas, Spain, and the Caribbean. He was hailed as Asia Player of the Year last 2010. IN a recent third-place finish in a Macau completion, Bryan Huang earned a total of $153,841. There are hundreds of other players who are not household names but certainly relish playing online poker and earn a lot of money playing this game in their respective personal computers. At present, the Internet gambling market in Singapore is projected at $300 million every year. 


6 Key Criterions For Evaluating Poker Sites

Online poker has taken the casino world by storm and it is responsible for the increase in the number of people who are hooked to this game. In fact, there are a lot of poker sites in the web but it would be best to play poker on top US poker sites. There are reasons why these sites have been ranked high and they are surely great places to play poker wherever you might be in the world. With internet–ready handheld gadgets, you will never miss a game of poker and if you are trying to see which poker sites are worth playing at here are some key criteria.

Site Reputation

Just like the real thing, online poker is a gamble, you lose or make money on the online tables and if you are planning to put your money on a site, you have to be certain that it can be trusted. Keep in mind that reputation is a big thing although this is not much of an issue with well-known poker sites as you can rest assured that they are trustworthy, secure and safe. However, if you are trying to play the game on sites which are not that known, be sure to check forums to see whether the site is safe and what other players say about it.

Poker Bonus

Bonuses differ from one site to another and it comes in various sizes and shapes. The deposit bonus happens to be the most popular bonus and it is usually offered as a sign up bonus. When looking at the poker bonus, it is important to look at how easy it is to clear the bonus not just at the bonus size.


Level of Traffic

Before you sign up for a sign up for a site, you have to check whether there are players who are playing the game because when there are only a few players, then there will only be a handful of gamesrunning. You have to look for a site with at least 10,000 players at one time although it would be better if you go for a site with about 15,000 to 20,000 players at a time because there will be more game variations and even the less popular games such as stud and omaha can be played on these sites. However, you also have to take note of the best time to play poker. In US time, that would be after dinner or work which is between to 2 to 8 pm. A good place to mesure the website's traffic is Alexa, where sites with high number as the rank get less traffic.

Cashout Timeframe

Just like in a real casino, you would earn real money in these online poker sites and when you do, you would like to cash it out. If you are looking for a great site to do just this, you need to see the banking options and the timeframe for cashing out your winnings. A couple of weeks are an acceptable timeframe but after a month seems to be too long and if you haven’t received any payout by then, you have to be wary of the site.

Poker Playing Software

When you are playing online poker, you will need the software that comes with it. This is actually a vital criterion when you are trying to think whether you should play poker at a site or not. Explore whether you can multittable, how many games you can play simultaneously filter options, etc. Having a hotkey or head up display is also worth knowing especially if you are an avid player. You can be sure if you use playtech, CryptoLogic or Microgaming software.

Customer Support


Since online poker is something that you can do anytime, you would want to talk to someone, irrespective of the time, if you need anything. Hence, be sure to find a site that offers round the clock support via phone, chat and email.

Skills Beat Luck in Online Casinos

There is always a way to win while playing games online. The most important thing that a casino games lover needs to know that to win he/she will have to rely heavily on skills. Many people believe that gambling relies on the idea of getting lucky, which is quite rare.

In reality, casino games such as blackjack, poker and roulette require skill to have a major advantage to win. In games such as online slots, a player can win plenty of money but sometimes may win nothing if he/she is not able to skillfully turn the results to his/her own advantage.

For players looking to win often at the online casinos, then it is highly advisable that they build skills and play games that allow them to use their skills. The best way to develop the skills is to practice the casino game that you play more often. There are several strategy guides available for different casino games. You can read these guides everywhere, and hone your skills and increase your chances of winning the game.

If you are serious about winning, then it you should really take some time in developing your skills and learn the strategies. The more skills you have the more the more you will win in any casino game.

Is It Possible to Avoid Reverse Withdrawals at Online Social Casinos?

Reverse withdrawals can be a source of great problems and stress for people who don’t know how to go about it while playing at online social casinos. It is possible for a player to ask the casino to allow him to make withdrawals once he feels that he is satisfied with what he has achieved. Most casinos have a policy of asking their clients to wait for a period ranging from 24-48 hours for the withdrawals to be successfully made to them. When you are still waiting for the withdrawal to be completed, it is common to find online social casinos allowing their clients to cancel their request, and this is what is called reverse withdrawal. There are many great casinos where you can play and withdrew your payment at will. You can click here to play one of the best casinos online 21nova, which offers great games, and great withdrew options as well.

Players at these online social casinos are increasingly being forced to battle the numerous temptations to make reverse withdrawals. The temptation is often great and quite unbearable where the player has won a huge sum of money. However, as long as you play within your budget limits, this will not present much of a problem. The reason why this is not a good option to pursue is based on the fact that you could very easily end up losing all or a huge chunk of your winnings to the casino. You need to work on yourself until you develop into a strong willed individual who is able to resist this temptation.

Once you have placed a request for the withdrawals to be made because you want to bank your winnings, allow the process to proceed to its logical conclusion. Failure to heed to this warning could lead to a lot of pain and heartache on your part when you discover that your account reads zero. A better way of going about this is to place a request for withdrawing only a certain portion of your winnings and leaving the rest for a latter period when you have exhausted what you had. Lastly, during the window period, keep away from the computer regardless of the urge you feel to play at online social casinos.