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See why Players rave about the 888 Poker Bonus

When it comes to signup bonuses, the online poker industry standard is to offer a 100% match up to a certain amount. So if you deposited $100, you'd be eligible to earn another $100, with the key word being "earn" because you'll have to work for all of it. But this isn't the case with the 888 Poker bonus, where you get a portion of your money upfront, which is an industry rarity. In this case, rare is definitely good so read on to find out what you get from this highly popular online poker bonus.

Free Money Upfront

As long as you make a deposit while using the "888Max" bonus code, you'll be eligible for a 100% match bonus up to $400+$10. The $10 is free cash that's given right away to use on real money cash and tournament tables. Okay, that free $10 is nice, but nothing's too out of the ordinary so far.

Of course, this is until you find out that 888 also delivers 25% of your match bonus upfront. You don't even have to earn this money - it's just put into your account for real money use immediately! To illustrate this point, assume that you deposit $200. This means that you'll be getting $50 of the bonus money immediately along with another $10 free - for a total of $60 in funds that are ready for the real money tables.

Earning the Match Bonus

So what about the other 75% of your 888 Poker bonus? Like any other site, you must at least earn part of your signup bonus. The requirements for doing so at 888 include generating BPs (Bonus Points) to unlock the reward. You need 10 BPs to collect every dollar of your match bonus. And every $1 that you contribute in ring game or tournament rake delivers 2 BPs. Do the quick math and that amounts to $5 in rake for every dollar in free cash.

To explain this, let's say that you once again deposit $200. As covered before, 25% of the bonus is given upfront, with the other 75% needing to be earned, which is $150 in this case. To unlock the full amount, you'd have to generate 1,500 BPs (150 x 10), thus equating to $750 in total rake (1,500/2).

As can be seen, the 888 Poker bonus isn't overly difficult to earn. Plus, the free cash that you get immediately after depositing only sweetens the deal. Just remember, though, that the free money needs to go through wagering requirements before it can be cashed out.

Best poker sites to play Online poker

The big question  is here: the best poker sites to play online poker ! who are they.

I had some good presentation a few days ago, where people asked me different questions about gaming, one was: who is the best Poker player out there, and I believe you all know what I answered. But the big question that remained in my mind is: where should I play.

Where should I play is a huge question, because there are so many options out there to play Poker Online, so how I approached this task ? The wisdom of the crowd.

This theory is saying, that by looking at the behavior of the masses, you can understand a lot about whats right and what is wrong. This theory is working great when looking at restaurants, the best places are places who have the highers amount of clients.

So my solution here is simple: Alexa, when going to Alexa and typing the word Poker in the search bar, you will find who is the most successful poker sites, and with the wisdom of the crowd theory, we can deduct that those places are also the best.

Previously I approached a similar investigation using Factor Analysis, and it took my something like 50 hours for that task, it was much simple now :)

Hope I made some sense into some of you.

What is the best Canadian poker site to play online?

There are a lot of pokers sites in Canada, that is a fact, well known one. Where some of the sites are a part of a whole casino network, which presents aside Poker some other games like Black Jack, Roulette...

When I started doing this investigation, one thing could not get out of my mind, and that thing is: how to compare, what are the parameters that should be calculated in order to make a good comparison between Canadian poker sites.

And I realized that the factors are: credibility, User Interface, and players environment.

You can view list of top Canadian poker sites, and you the reader can decide, and give your score to each factor.

I made the calculation using the Factor Analysis method using SPSS. I really like that software for calculation like that, my previous article about Scandinavian Poker, and the results were great.

Another article I want to mention here is my great analysis of how to find good casino  house, after 20 hours of research I got some interesting conclusions, check it here.

So the results are obvious, you can see them in the link above, and I hope you will like what you see. I think that at least one person liked my research, check his Twitter !!!

Tips on Hunting for Bonus at Online Poker Sites

Hunting for bonus allows you to measure your skills against the casino when playing online poker. This is relatively safer for you if you feel that you lack the skills to go out and compete with other players while playing for money. This is an opportunity for people to play with the intention of making money from the house. You don’t have to be an expert when playing at skypoker.com, or any other reputable casino to participate. You only need to know how to go about it. Always look for tables which feature new player promotions and use them to your advantage. Combine all these promotions so that your bankroll is quite healthy before starting to play.

Ensure that you play online poker at sites that have good reputation. Try to play at sites or mobile casinos where the initial bonus is quite attractive. Look at the requirements displayed on the site regarding how to clear the bonus that you are entitled to. You will discover that some sites cannot allow you to access the bonus until they make some money from you, or from other players. Some of these bonus offers are purely for marketing purposes. Try to get a site which allows you to access bonus of around $5 per hour. Often you will find that you can’t clear the entire bonus until you play a few hands first at the appropriate site.

The main advantage of hunting for bonus is that you don’t have to play online poker unless you really feel the need to. Just hang around the site and wait for your bonus to be cleared. The moment it is cleared, you get hold of it and move to the next site where online poker is played. Always start by looking for those poker promotions designed to attract new players. They provide you with the golden opportunity of making good money, regardless of your skills at playing online poker. The beauty of this habit is that it allows you to win without having to place your fiancés at great risk. canadian casino online sites also offering great bonuses and it definitely worth checking out.

Try Your Hand Now At Online Poker

Poker over the internet has really evolved since the late 1990s when it was introduced with the advent of the internet. Online poker software has also evolved from the pixilated software common in the old days to good 3D software. If you have never been quite a poker person, you should try your luck now because playing poker online can be very interesting and you can also win yourself some money, and no one knows poker better than 888 poker.

In this article, we give you tips that will enable you become a better poker player with 888, and win some money especially if you play over the internet. These tips we have for you can be the difference between you losing all your hard-earned money at poker and actually making a profit from poker.

The first and most important tip we have for you is to play online poker of your skill level. you can get great start, and receive poker bonus code at 888poker which will help you get going, even if you are just a beginner. Don’t just get into the first online casino and register to play on the first tournament you come about without first determining if you are well suited for that particular tournament. There are many bad sites out there and playing in the wrong site can cost you serious money. If you think a bit about what level of poker you fit perfectly in, as you can clearly view on the 888 site, then you could actually make yourself some money. Also carefully choose the type of games you are good at. 888 have many games and options, and you should learn what best suits you. You can either play at tournaments with a cash, sit and go or a multi table structure.

If you are a new player, many professional poker players agree that it is better to choose a sit and go tournament structure because this has fixed buy in fees. This means that you cannot lose more money than your stake. This is the best tournament structure for a beginner playing online poker. a multi table tournament will bring you the biggest winnings although it is harder to play. It is also important to always choose a table where you use a small percentage of your bankroll.

Metro’s most popular games

The most popular games in the online casino world are always the ones that inspire fun and entertainment while offering huge potential rewards for real-money gamers. Table games such as roulette and slot machines require little prior knowledge to play at full throttle and because of this there are two very popular versions in the casino community.

Yet with a little more understanding of some of the games available, Metro Play punters can quickly become accustomed to new genres and platforms. Take the Monopoly On a Roll game for example; it combines the intricacies of the classic family board game with the roulette table. All you have to do is stake a bet – or more than one if you’re feeling lucky – on where your piece will land on the scaled-down Monopoly board. Just roll the dice and let the fun begin. Landing on Marlborough Street pays out at 4/1 while a dice-busting Mayfair offers a 40/1 reward for any bets placed. With Free Parking and Chance bonuses it’s impossible not to find this game both fun and hugely rewarding.

For the number lovers among us, the Metro Play lounge boasts numerous Hi-Lo simulations that run along the same rules as the ultimate TV show game of chance. Down the Hatch Hi-Lo is growing in popularity as you follow Mel through the bar and see how many drinks he can down before cashing in. With a number scale of 1-49 it can be tricky predicting what the next one will be but the payouts are huge if you nail the right choice.

Other popular Hi-Lo games include Underground, 5 of 6 Hi-Lo Line-Up and for the ladies Miss Hi-Lo Club. For the sporting types among us there’s also Mel’s Hi-Lo Golf, while the casino’s other sports arcades are growing in popularity. Certainly the game getting the most attention right now is Goal! Three 2 Win. Here, you must find three of a kind to win mega cash rewards but be careful not to score an own goal by landing three red balls. Just like football, the trick is to go in with confidence or you’ll never score and the game is so captivating it’s like being at Old Trafford or Anfield.

If you’re struggling to find the game for you the best thing to do is play demo versions and see what suits your tastes before playing it out for real-money.