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The Quick Bingo Glossary

Although many people think that they understand the game of bingo, in truth the game has a unique vocabulary all its own. Those interested in playing the game should take the time to learn the special vocabulary so they can confidently compete in online gaming. Here are a few terms to be familiar with.

• Bingo Board: This is a display board used to display the different numbers as they are called throughout the game. It is usually electronic.
• Bingo Card: This card contains 24 numbered spaces along with one free space. The numbers are randomly generated and are arranged in a five by five formation. The first column contains numbers between 1 and 15, the second between 16 and 30, the third between 31 and 45, the fourth between 46 and 60, and the fifth between 61 and 75.
• Bingo Marker: This is a crayon, ink dauber, or related device that is used to record numbers being called out on the bingo card.
• Blackout: Also known as a Coverall, players in this game must cover the whole card to win.
• Blower: The device that uses forced-air to mix the bingo balls and forces them out one by one to the caller who announces the number.
• Bonanza Bingo: A special, progressive jackpot for a coverall game.
• Breakopen: A multi-play card that has perforated tabs. These tabs conceal numbers, letters, or symbols for unknown advanced prize winners.

Bingo 90 Ball from Jackpotjoy

This is an excellent game for those interested in getting involved in bingo or sharpening their experience. The game features cheap ticket prices, fun bonus rounds, and excellent jackpots that make the game exciting for people of all levels.

Those who are new can easily get started by going to the Games Lobby and clicking on the blue play button to begin. Players can watch before they decide to get involved, but it is very easy to jump in. Players can purchase cards for an upcoming game and then get ready for the Bingo Caller to begin calling out numbers. Soon everyone, from seasoned veterans to first time players, will be watching together in eager anticipation to see if they, too, might have the opportunity to take home a jackpot.

Jackpotjoy features a number of fun additions to help make the game enjoyable for all players, including a live chat. Not only is the game an excellent chance to have some fun, win some money, but they can also make some friends. Bingo is a relatively easy game to pick up on once the terminology and the different winning patterns are mastered, making it a great opportunity for those who might not be accustomed to online gaming.

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