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It is a known fact that poker took the world by storm in the last decade and its popularity keeps on rising. The USA detains a large number of poker players (professional and amateur) as well as Europe, but when one mentions Europe, you should know that the popularity of poker in Norway and Scandinavia is huge. The number of players in this region gets bigger by the day; also, Scandinavian professional players are more and more getting the attention they deserve due to big results in important events.

Scandinavian players are know in the poker universe for having an especially aggressive style of play and such seems to be producing results as there are many Scandinavian players finishing in the money, final tables, bracelets and overall victories!

Norway’s Thor Hansen is already one of the most famous players around the world. Other Scandinavian player making a name for himself is Ken Lennaárd of Sweden. However, there is a big list of professional poker players in Scandinavia that deserve to be mentioned like Ville Wahlbeck, Juha Helppi and Patrik Antonius (Finland), Martin De Knijff, Johan Storakers, Chris Björin (Sweden), Annette Obrestad from Norway, and finally Peter Eastgate and the already famous Gus Hansen (both from Denmark).

Nevertheless, Norway is not all about poker, Norwegians do love to gamble in online casinos and statistics show they are among the countries in Europe that spend more time and money at online casinos. The universe of online casinos is massive these days with all sort of special offers, promotions and new games being added everyday. The favorites for Norwegians players are roulette, craps, blackjack and slots.

The only issue Norwegians have to experience is which casino to pick among all the others. It might seem like an easy task but when you have so much to choose, one can spend a lot of time wondering around. However, there are online portals like this one that help Norwegians players to make the best decision according to their goals. In this website, one can find all sort of information regarding the best online casinos, games, promotions and also about poker and their poker rooms. Norwegians players who wish to know the most recent news about poker, sports betting and casino should definitely keep this portal in mind.

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