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Poker songs that drive the world crazy

The following are the top 5 poker songs that have come in the history of the music industry that reflect poker as the main theme and are mostly dedicated to poker lovers or people who love to play poker.

1. The Animals: This song by Eric Burdon reflects the lives of two men who spend their lives in a gambling house in New Orleans. It is one of the best songs ever to be on poker.
2. The Grateful Dead: This song is poker-friendly and is simple and intensely rhythmic, which poker lovers will definitely love to hymn.
3. All I Wanna do is Play Cards: This song by Corb Lund rocks the charts even today and is lyrics is mostly all about poker.
4. The Gambler: This song by Kenny Rogers is an all-time favorite song that has music in conjunction with poker or gambling. It is the song that comes first to the mind of many poker players.
5. The Stranger: This song by Leonard Cohen is soothing to the ears and refers to gambling at poker.

These were some of the top songs on poker, which poker lovers would love to listen especially while playing poker.

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