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Jordan's Lifetime Love for Poker

It is not mandatory that when you play a specific game you should love it and will give away all the other games in the world. There are people who play their game as well as love to play other games as well. One good example of one such person is the Basketball great Michael Jordan, who is an avid poker player.

Michael Jordan’s love for poker and poker online is not new in the arena of poker. The legend plays poker whenever time permits and in fact is an addict of the game. He used to play poker even in some of the tumultuous years of his career. He has also incurred some losses by playing the game but it didn’t stop the basketball great from playing the game of poker.

Michael Jordan is mostly known for playing usually high stakes and also played poker during the NBA lockout. Considering the nature of the game and the fun and excitement the game offers, poker is played by several known personalities.