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Metro’s most popular games

The most popular games in the online casino world are always the ones that inspire fun and entertainment while offering huge potential rewards for real-money gamers. Table games such as roulette and slot machines require little prior knowledge to play at full throttle and because of this there are two very popular versions in the casino community.

Yet with a little more understanding of some of the games available, Metro Play punters can quickly become accustomed to new genres and platforms. Take the Monopoly On a Roll game for example; it combines the intricacies of the classic family board game with the roulette table. All you have to do is stake a bet – or more than one if you’re feeling lucky – on where your piece will land on the scaled-down Monopoly board. Just roll the dice and let the fun begin. Landing on Marlborough Street pays out at 4/1 while a dice-busting Mayfair offers a 40/1 reward for any bets placed. With Free Parking and Chance bonuses it’s impossible not to find this game both fun and hugely rewarding.

For the number lovers among us, the Metro Play lounge boasts numerous Hi-Lo simulations that run along the same rules as the ultimate TV show game of chance. Down the Hatch Hi-Lo is growing in popularity as you follow Mel through the bar and see how many drinks he can down before cashing in. With a number scale of 1-49 it can be tricky predicting what the next one will be but the payouts are huge if you nail the right choice.

Other popular Hi-Lo games include Underground, 5 of 6 Hi-Lo Line-Up and for the ladies Miss Hi-Lo Club. For the sporting types among us there’s also Mel’s Hi-Lo Golf, while the casino’s other sports arcades are growing in popularity. Certainly the game getting the most attention right now is Goal! Three 2 Win. Here, you must find three of a kind to win mega cash rewards but be careful not to score an own goal by landing three red balls. Just like football, the trick is to go in with confidence or you’ll never score and the game is so captivating it’s like being at Old Trafford or Anfield.

If you’re struggling to find the game for you the best thing to do is play demo versions and see what suits your tastes before playing it out for real-money.

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