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What is the best Canadian poker site to play online?

There are a lot of pokers sites in Canada, that is a fact, well known one. Where some of the sites are a part of a whole casino network, which presents aside Poker some other games like Black Jack, Roulette...

When I started doing this investigation, one thing could not get out of my mind, and that thing is: how to compare, what are the parameters that should be calculated in order to make a good comparison between Canadian poker sites.

And I realized that the factors are: credibility, User Interface, and players environment.

You can view list of top Canadian poker sites, and you the reader can decide, and give your score to each factor.

I made the calculation using the Factor Analysis method using SPSS. I really like that software for calculation like that, my previous article about Scandinavian Poker, and the results were great.

Another article I want to mention here is my great analysis of how to find good casino  house, after 20 hours of research I got some interesting conclusions, check it here.

So the results are obvious, you can see them in the link above, and I hope you will like what you see. I think that at least one person liked my research, check his Twitter !!!

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