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Best poker sites to play Online poker

The big question  is here: the best poker sites to play online poker ! who are they.

I had some good presentation a few days ago, where people asked me different questions about gaming, one was: who is the best Poker player out there, and I believe you all know what I answered. But the big question that remained in my mind is: where should I play.

Where should I play is a huge question, because there are so many options out there to play Poker Online, so how I approached this task ? The wisdom of the crowd.

This theory is saying, that by looking at the behavior of the masses, you can understand a lot about whats right and what is wrong. This theory is working great when looking at restaurants, the best places are places who have the highers amount of clients.

So my solution here is simple: Alexa, when going to Alexa and typing the word Poker in the search bar, you will find who is the most successful poker sites, and with the wisdom of the crowd theory, we can deduct that those places are also the best.

Previously I approached a similar investigation using Factor Analysis, and it took my something like 50 hours for that task, it was much simple now :)

Hope I made some sense into some of you.

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