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Poker over the internet has really evolved since the late 1990s when it was introduced with the advent of the internet. Online poker software has also evolved from the pixilated software common in the old days to good 3D software. If you have never been quite a poker person, you should try your luck now because playing poker online can be very interesting and you can also win yourself some money, and no one knows poker better than 888 poker.

In this article, we give you tips that will enable you become a better poker player with 888, and win some money especially if you play over the internet. These tips we have for you can be the difference between you losing all your hard-earned money at poker and actually making a profit from poker.

The first and most important tip we have for you is to play online poker of your skill level. you can get great start, and receive poker bonus code at 888poker which will help you get going, even if you are just a beginner. Don’t just get into the first online casino and register to play on the first tournament you come about without first determining if you are well suited for that particular tournament. There are many bad sites out there and playing in the wrong site can cost you serious money. If you think a bit about what level of poker you fit perfectly in, as you can clearly view on the 888 site, then you could actually make yourself some money. Also carefully choose the type of games you are good at. 888 have many games and options, and you should learn what best suits you. You can either play at tournaments with a cash, sit and go or a multi table structure.

If you are a new player, many professional poker players agree that it is better to choose a sit and go tournament structure because this has fixed buy in fees. This means that you cannot lose more money than your stake. This is the best tournament structure for a beginner playing online poker. a multi table tournament will bring you the biggest winnings although it is harder to play. It is also important to always choose a table where you use a small percentage of your bankroll.

Metro’s most popular games

The most popular games in the online casino world are always the ones that inspire fun and entertainment while offering huge potential rewards for real-money gamers. Table games such as roulette and slot machines require little prior knowledge to play at full throttle and because of this there are two very popular versions in the casino community.

Yet with a little more understanding of some of the games available, Metro Play punters can quickly become accustomed to new genres and platforms. Take the Monopoly On a Roll game for example; it combines the intricacies of the classic family board game with the roulette table. All you have to do is stake a bet – or more than one if you’re feeling lucky – on where your piece will land on the scaled-down Monopoly board. Just roll the dice and let the fun begin. Landing on Marlborough Street pays out at 4/1 while a dice-busting Mayfair offers a 40/1 reward for any bets placed. With Free Parking and Chance bonuses it’s impossible not to find this game both fun and hugely rewarding.

For the number lovers among us, the Metro Play lounge boasts numerous Hi-Lo simulations that run along the same rules as the ultimate TV show game of chance. Down the Hatch Hi-Lo is growing in popularity as you follow Mel through the bar and see how many drinks he can down before cashing in. With a number scale of 1-49 it can be tricky predicting what the next one will be but the payouts are huge if you nail the right choice.

Other popular Hi-Lo games include Underground, 5 of 6 Hi-Lo Line-Up and for the ladies Miss Hi-Lo Club. For the sporting types among us there’s also Mel’s Hi-Lo Golf, while the casino’s other sports arcades are growing in popularity. Certainly the game getting the most attention right now is Goal! Three 2 Win. Here, you must find three of a kind to win mega cash rewards but be careful not to score an own goal by landing three red balls. Just like football, the trick is to go in with confidence or you’ll never score and the game is so captivating it’s like being at Old Trafford or Anfield.

If you’re struggling to find the game for you the best thing to do is play demo versions and see what suits your tastes before playing it out for real-money.

Online Roulette: A Game of Luck

Roulette is a popular online game played all over the world. Lots of casino parlours organize this game to attract a large number of gamblers who enjoy the game amidst all the chaos and fun. The game is indeed very funny and full of thrill. You always have the chance to earn a huge amount of money by playing this game. With the introduction of online casino, now it can be played online too. However, there are certain rules and regulations that you are required to learn. Remember, this game is all about luck. Unlike poker, you have no chance to read the hand and play the mind game with your opponents.

It is quite easy to play the roulette game offline. Basically it involves a sort of placing chips on the table. You have to select a number or a combination of numbers or a certain colour while placing your bet. Once you have confirmed your bet, the dealers will spin the wheel and throw the ball. If the ball lands on the bet that you have chosen when the wheel comes to standstill, you will be declared the winner. However, before placing your bet, you need to decide how much you can afford. Do not get so much excited that you place a huge amount of money only to end up being on the losing side.

The wheel used in the roulette has different pockets with slots of alternate colours, namely black and red. The red pocket bears number one where as the green pocket assigns zero. Interested individuals often consider certain number as their lucky charm, and sometimes they miraculously win the game. Initially you should get started with small amount of money to see your luck. Once you garner confidence, you can go for big amounts of money. Remember, playing casino with big amounts of money is always great so give a thought and get started.

There are many videos available online. You can choose the best that you want at http://www.moneyblowers.com/roulette-systems-main, or any other reputable site. It would be wise if you choose those that have gained higher rankings. Look for books that will give all the details about the game. However, without playing you certainly cannot understand what the game is all about.

The Hottest Poker for your Computer

These days, the best kind of Poker game is an online Poker game, and you can now get the very best in online Poker for free on your home computer. Head on over now to William Hill Online Poker for a superior gaming experience jam packed with all the hot stuff, like regular tournaments, ongoing promotions and endless tables to choose from.

You can find the William Hill Poker download button on practically any page within the site. Just one click and the world class software is yours to keep and play any time. Signup at William Hill is free and you will even be awarded with an exclusive new player bonus just for joining the team, along with many other lucrative benefits. Stick around long term and you will see many more rewards coming your way, such as the amazing VIP club.

Why You Need To Read Online Casino Reviews

Choosing a good online casino can be a hell of a task and that’s why you need to read through all the reviews about online gambling. Good sites, like paddypower, will always have good reviews meaning that one that has good reviews is definitely a good site. Online reviews are helpful in a great way because you will be able to know how to deposit money into the account not to mention how easy you can get the money out of the account. With such reviews, you can also be able to know how many games are available and how smooth they are to play.

It is also good to know what people think about the particular online casino. We all want the best and you will never find out how best it is until you read the reviews. That is why a new live casino site will foucuse on reputation and service first, if he wants to last in the casino world. Reviews are the mirror that reflects the online sites because they are the experiences that players have had with the internet casino. You don’t expect the management of the casino to say that there will be no forthcoming help at 2 am in the morning.

The writer has an unbiased opinion about the website and he or she will always speak his or her mind. The writers will also make sure to give screen shots so that he can get the reader a clear picture of exactly what he or she is talking about. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Again, one time might be a coincidence but if it happens twice, then it is a pattern and if you find more than one person saying that the site is good, then the site must be good. If you find more than two reviews saying that the particular online casino is bad, then it should be bad. These reviews are the ones that should help you in coming up with a decision on choosing the one.

Olympic Swimming Champion Reveals Love of Poker

You may not have been able to picture it when he was stood beside the pool in his speedos and goggles, but 18-time Olympic gold medal swimmer, Michael Phelps, has revealed that he is quite the poker fanatic after making a real splash at The 2013 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Championships in Las Vegas.

The American called time on a spectacular sporting career after clinching his 22nd and final Olympic medal at last year’s memorable London Olympic Games. Ever since, the 27-year old ‘flying-fish’ has been looking for a new challenge and poker seems to have satisfied his competitive appetite for the meantime.

In between fending off rumours that he is set for a dramatic return to the pool, and fine-tuning his golf-swing at some of the US’ most prestigious greens, Phelps has been spotted playing cards in both London and Las Vegas and it seems that he hasn’t lost that winning touch after some media reports suggested that he won $100,000 in a high-stakes cash game earlier this year.

At the world-famous Rio Hotel last month, Phelps rocked up to participate ina $5,000 no-limit Hold’em tournament in what was his debut appearance at the WSOP.

“I always wanted to come out and play. This has been the first year I’ve been able to since I retired. I just came out…I’m just having fun.” Phelps said.

Phelps also announced that he has further plans to participate in more WSOP events this summerand he hopes to secure some more victories to add to his already impressive haul of personal achievements.

Ever the fierce challenger, Phelps said he is excited to pit his wits against some of his professional poker buddies, including Jeff Gross and Antonio Esfandiari,and he admitted that he revels in the white-hot drama and tension that live poker brings.

“I’ve never been out here (The WSOP), and all these guys always seem like they’re having so much fun when they play. If I ever win a bracelet before they do, they’re going to be really pissed. So we’ll see what happens.”

Although Phelps was unable to gain any real success at the 2013 WSOP Championships, it was one of the most exciting contests in decades and you can relive some of the drama and excitement by following aday by day tournament recap at www.pokercheck.co.uk.