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How a Few Small Changes at the Poker Table Can Turn You into a Consistent Winner

It’s rare that you’ll run into a poker player who doesn’t want to win; what’s the fun if you don’t want to win? Poker, whether played online or in the casino, can get your adrenaline pumping but it can also be consistently disappointing. 

Is it your strategy or do you just have bad luck? Here are a few small and easy changes to consider if you want to have a greater chance at winning than being defeated.

Commit to Winning But Be Humble

While this tip may not be directly related to your strategy, it’s important to think about when playing poker. What kind of player do you want to be? Are you playing night after night for the win, practice, or just for fun? 

Getting in a winning frame of mind will help you with your game (think about playing an organized sport), but if you do commit to winning and have a good streak going, be humble. It’s also important that you remember that you might not win, and that’s okay. 

Some of the best poker players don’t always end up with the highest poker hand but they don’t let that stop them from playing to win.

Don’t Be Afraid of Change

Changing during your game of poker is much more than becoming a better player. Obviously, as you become a better player (i.e., win more), other players at the table will start paying more attention to how you play. It’s likely that they will also try to figure your “poker personality,” like if you’re tight or loose and passive or aggressive. 

If you’re playing with an experienced group of players, it’s only a matter of time before they figure you out so you need to stay ahead of the game. Want to improve your strategy? Don’t be afraid to change it up. Be unpredictable, keep the game interesting.

Go With The Flow

Playing more often will naturally increase your odds of winning, improve your strategy, and become a better poker player overall. Want a chance to play more often? Be the person that people invite to play. 

Even if you only have an online presence, you can make a lot of players mad and earn a bad reputation. Be nice to the host, the dealer, and the inexperienced players. Pay attention to the game (to keep it running smoothly), but don’t be the person who takes the fun out of the game by hurrying everyone through their plays.

Never Too Late To Learn

Want specific tips on how to improve your strategy? Do your research. Read, watch videos, talk to players who are better than you. Make more friends than enemies, do more listening and less talking.

Depending on the type of game you play, there are countless “tried and true” tips to improve your strategy, but if you keep these three tips in mind during every game you play, you’re likely to have more wins in no time.

Try online poker sites risk free before making a Deposit

If you are tired of planning a long weekend just to play your favorite games, here are online poker sites where you can play from Internet at your home. You just have to find best web source to make your journey risk free. Here our main focus is to highlight facts that are necessary to know when you are playing online.

Now you don’t have to stay in smelly hotels and you don’t have to eat junk food anymore. You just have to stay in room and enjoy your favorite poker games online, there are many options of poker ipad and iphone apps. It does not matter what time or day of the week, you just start your computer and start playing online. The best part of whole equation is that you don’t even have to invest your money for playing poker online. There are endless online poker sites offering “no deposit bonus” scheme.

First of all, you have to find the online poker sites with “no deposit bonus” scheme. Now you have to fill out a application form to become a member of poker website. The whole process would not take more than five minutes. Once you are registered with the website, they will send you a confirmation mail and you have to verify the link. Once you are done with everything, you are registered with online poker website finally.

Now open the Login page of the website and enter username and password, for the Android user press poker for android in your search field. Here you have to enter the bonus code and your account will be credited with specific amount as described by the website earlier. Now start playing online with the credited amount. Every time you win a game online, your account will be credited with a specific amount. All online poker sites have different rules for payout. Don’t forget to read all payout rules and regulation before making any final registration with the website.

You can also play big tournaments for earning huge profits. These tournaments are held weekly or monthly. The best thing about online poker sites is that you can play at your own comfort without moving somewhere. At few places, it is banned to play gambling games. Poker lovers can enjoy online gambling games in those states too. Now you don’t have to waste your money in travelling and eating junk food at the weekends.

Another advantage of dealing with online poker is that you don’t have to wait much to play poker. In live casino, you have to wait for hours to play your turn. But in case of online poker, you don’t have to waste your valuable time. You just have to login to your account and start playing. Online poker sites are 24*7 hours open. Online websites also offer endless promotion and bonus schemes to the players. These promotion schemes make your online poker game more interesting.


You just have to make a little research to find best online source for you. Sometimes, you can also make a living if you play safe and responsibly. There are no dealers online, so you don’t have to pay dealer fee at all. 

Tournament Poker hands – Playing to win a tournament

Tournament is a single unit game whereas in case of ring games each hand is a unit. When you are playing ring games, you have to play hands in holistic fashion. You can also quit the ring game after any hand. Action of tournaments is beyond single hand unit. In case of ring game basic unit is hand where basic unit of any tournament is tournament itself.

I was watching No Limit online tournament recently. John and Mary were playing against each other. John’s is a player that knows how to win texas holdem but his reaction was quite predictable but Mary was behaving badly. During tournament, Mary was playing each hand as an individual unit. In case of ring games, individual hand matters. This is not the case with tournaments. For No Limit tournaments, there is no significance of individual hand at all. If you are losing ten hands consistently then you may win at the eleventh unit. John was already stable and clam but Mary has to improve his reaction and she has to wait for right time to win the tournament.

Every time when John was on the button, it was quite predictable that he would never play the hand for less than AA. Now Mary has to raise the minimum hand to win. According to Mary, John was stealing her ideas without looking at his own hand. But bluff is common in case of any gambling game. Opponents should prepare themselves in advance and it can be don’t by regular practice only.

It does not matter either John is playing tricks or not. We are just concerned to tournament as a whole. When you are playing tournaments, you will observe a big picture in front of you. The picture is missing in case of ring games. In ring game, you have to set your future expectations. However, every hand played at ring game has its own significance. In case of tournaments, you have to focus on last hand only to win big cash prize. Just forget about all the hands that you have played in between.

In case, your opponent is playing in a predictable way then don’t forget to analyze his reactions very well. It will help you to make your own strategies against the predictable player. You should happily accept his hands then play your hand accordingly. If you are able to beat your opponents then it is quite obvious that you have won the tournament. Tournaments are held weekly, monthly, or yearly. But you can win bracelets or big cash prize in the tournament.

Every time you are going to participate in any tournament and this includes playing in one of the NETeller Poker Sites, you have to spend a lot on travel. If you don’t want to visit any crowded place then you can enjoy poker tournaments online also. In this case, it not only saves your time but also your valuable money. When you are playing tournament, winning hands should not be your goal. Your objective is to win the tournament with right strategy and right technique.


Few people just focus on hands and they completely forget about tournament. Don’t maximize your potential in hands. Try to maximize your potential in tournament.

Play poker online to make a Living

There is a secret for every player entering to the poker world. The secret information is that you can even earn profit from it. Can you make a living with the profit? Is the profit offers you real money to make a living? The answer of questions depends on multiple factors. Here are some tips that will guide you how to play poker online to make a living.

Poker is an interesting online game where you can earn lots of profit if you play safe and responsibly. To calculate your profit, you must know the concept of rake back amount, and this means that you should learn how to play like the online poker sharks. This rake back amount is further calculated by different formula that gives you an idea about your regular income. Today most of the people play online poker to earn profit, not for just making fun.

Rake is simply the money you pay to the poker rooms to play online poker. When you play poker for profit, in that case poker rooms will charge some money from the player. That fee is called Rake. Rake back is the refund of amount you pay to poker room. They will pay 25-40% of paid amount every month. Suppose initially you invest 1000$ and poker room are paying 25% then you will get 250$ each month. In first four months your initial investment will be covered then you will start earning from it.

Players play a big amount for becoming a special member of Poker. Now the question arises how player can calculate his rake back amount. It is not as simple as discussed earlier just on percentage basis. Actual rake back is calculated on MGR (monthly gross rake) basis.MGR is gross profit that a poker room will earn from poker player. On that basis percentage of return is decided.

We can use one of the three methods. First is Dealt method, in this method if rake is taken from pot then MGR can be calculated by the following formula: ($amount raked from pot/amount of players to be dealt in) =MGR. then player will be paid Y% in rake back. For example if raked amount is 5$ and number of players are 10 then MGR would be $0.50.

Second method is Average contributed method. In this method player not only rake with pot, but also have to make some contribution in some way. For example if there are total 10 players and only 6 make contribution. Then MGR can be calculated by the following formula: ($amount raked/number of players contributing to pot). For above example MGR would be $0.50 for each player.

Last method is weighted contributed. In this method MGR is calculated for each player according to its contribution. Then formula for MGR would be: (amount contributed to the pot / $ amount of pot) * ($ amount raked) = MGR. For example one player out of 10 has contributed 5.65% of total amount, and total amount is 200$ Then MGR for that player would be (.56/$300)*($3).


The formulas are simple to use and you can use them to calculate your earning when you play online poker. Now it is clear that online poker is a good source of making a living for you but you have to play responsibly.

Not like Poker, it’s so easy to play is online bingo

A confirmed poker fan may not think they have any time for other online games, but when you’re playing at an online casino, it’s so simple to switch to a different game for a few minutes and see what other games have to offer.

One game that’s great for unwinding because it’s so easy to play is online bingo. There are bingo sections on most online casinos now as well as a huge number of bingo-only sites. You can compare the pros and cons of different bingo sites at Row Bingo and you’ll also find out information on bingo bonuses there.

We’ve listed below three of the main reasons online bingo has become so popular.


You can play online bingo whenever you want to. No need to book in for a specific game, just log in and choose which game on the schedule you wish to join; there’s always one about to start in the next couple of minutes.  Bingo can now also be played on smartphones and tablets and it makes a great commuting game.


Bingo is a great value game. For really low stakes you can play games where you might win a life-changing amount of money. And many bingo sites even offer games with real cash prizes that are completely free to play. Added to that there are the welcome bonuses that most sites offer new players which really do stretch your playing budget a long way,


Bingo is an online game that plays itself – you don’t really need to get involved beyond choosing to buy a ticket. Any numbers on your ticket that match the calls will be marked off automatically. This leaves you free to relax and watch the game progress, or go into the bingo chat rooms and strike up a conversation with other players in the chat room. You’ll also be able to join in the chat games that take place there, where there’s the possibility of winning free bingo tickets for future games and other prizes. Some people have a bigger win in the chat room than they do with their ticket, so it’s always worth joining in!


Even if you don’t think bingo is a game for you, what have you got to lose? Give it a try today and you might find a whole new gaming world that you enjoy.

A Journey Through the Ancient Egypt with Cleopatra Slot

When learning about ancient Egypt in History at high school, did you want to explore this enigmatic world? Have you ever wanted to take off and journey through the world of pyramids and mummies? While you may not be an archaeologist or a time traveller, you can explore ancient Egypt through the Cleopatra slot.

It’s hard to imagine the scale of the popularity of this slot. As soon as it was released in land-based casinos, it became a favourite with players and quickly found its way into the hall of fame. When online slots began to be created, Cleopatra slot was a prime candidate and the developers were delighted to discover that the online arena provided plenty of scope to recreate the mysterious world of ancient Egypt.

Cleopatra slot is a five-reel, twenty-payline game with lots of traditional Egyptian symbols: the scarab beetle, the crook, the Eye of Horus, the Sphinx and obviously, the beautiful Cleopatra herself. Each detail is perfect and helps to create an immersive experience that will transport you to a faraway land of sand, pyramids and mummies.

But although the slot is certainly a dream to play, most people play Cleopatra slot to benefit from its considerable features. Like most slots, it has a wild symbol which is Cleopatra herself, and all wins using the wild are doubled. Cleopatra slot also has a Sphinx scatter which pays out when you spin two or more anywhere on the reels, and can give you up to 100 times your bet.

The real feature that has players hooked is the free spins round. This bonus feature is triggered by spinning three or more scatters and begins with an impressive 15 free spins at a triple multiplier. Better yet, you can retrigger the spins again and again up to a maximum of 180 free spins, which means that your bank balance could be significantly healthier at no extra cost to yourself.

With a minimum bet of 2p per payline and a maximum bet of £25 per payline, Cleopatra slot is perfect for experienced slot players and for those who haven’t played at all. There’s a world of thrills waiting, so why don’t you play Cleopatra slot today?

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