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Not like Poker, it’s so easy to play is online bingo

A confirmed poker fan may not think they have any time for other online games, but when you’re playing at an online casino, it’s so simple to switch to a different game for a few minutes and see what other games have to offer.

One game that’s great for unwinding because it’s so easy to play is online bingo. There are bingo sections on most online casinos now as well as a huge number of bingo-only sites. You can compare the pros and cons of different bingo sites at Row Bingo and you’ll also find out information on bingo bonuses there.

We’ve listed below three of the main reasons online bingo has become so popular.


You can play online bingo whenever you want to. No need to book in for a specific game, just log in and choose which game on the schedule you wish to join; there’s always one about to start in the next couple of minutes.  Bingo can now also be played on smartphones and tablets and it makes a great commuting game.


Bingo is a great value game. For really low stakes you can play games where you might win a life-changing amount of money. And many bingo sites even offer games with real cash prizes that are completely free to play. Added to that there are the welcome bonuses that most sites offer new players which really do stretch your playing budget a long way,


Bingo is an online game that plays itself – you don’t really need to get involved beyond choosing to buy a ticket. Any numbers on your ticket that match the calls will be marked off automatically. This leaves you free to relax and watch the game progress, or go into the bingo chat rooms and strike up a conversation with other players in the chat room. You’ll also be able to join in the chat games that take place there, where there’s the possibility of winning free bingo tickets for future games and other prizes. Some people have a bigger win in the chat room than they do with their ticket, so it’s always worth joining in!


Even if you don’t think bingo is a game for you, what have you got to lose? Give it a try today and you might find a whole new gaming world that you enjoy.

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