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Max Steinberg Wins $1,000 No Limit Hold'em

Max Steinberg won the recent 2012 World Series of Poker $1,000 no limit hold’em event. It was a big win as Steinberg topped a field of 2,795 players to win his first ever gold bracelet. Steinberg also received the $440,238 first-place prize and 1,200 Card Player Player of the Year points. That great win was at Las Vegas even though Steinberg also plays online at party casino and other reputable sources online.

The win has moved Steinberg to the 34th place in the overall POY rankings. Steinberg was the runner-up in a $1,500 no-limit hold’em event at the 2010 WSOP for $352, 916. However, the player improved his play considerably to finish first this time in the esteemed tournament for poker players.

The journey was not an easy one for Steinberg as he had to outnumber numerous tough players on the final day of the play. These included giants such as Vincent Van Der Fluit, Dylan Horton and Matt Stout. The years of experience that Steinberg has put into the game definitely helped the player to do his best in the tournament.

The Female Professional - Annie Duke

Annie Duke is a professional poker player and author. She is the first woman in the poker world to win a bracelet in the World Series of Poker in the year 2004. She earned the Winner-Take-All prize of $2,000,000 in the year 2010.

Annie has also won the National Heads-Up Poker Championship where she won $500,000 coupled with the title. An author by profession, Duke started playing poker in the legal card rooms in Billings, Montana. By 2004, she received great attention for tutoring actor Ben Affleck. Ben Affleck then went on to win the 2004 California State Poker Championship.

She was one of the three along with Kathy Liebert and Cyndy Violette to win an open event in 2004’s WSOP. She has voiced her opinion against the restrictions on players during televised tournaments. Duke has also won the second annual World Series of Rock Papers Scissors (WSORPS), which is an annual charity tournament hosted at the World Series of Poker.

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